How You Can Relieve Swollen Lips Naturally

Was there a time that you felt your lips got swollen for no reason at all, especially when you wake up in the morning? The skin on your lips is more delicate and thinner. After it has gotten any injury, insect bite or infection, it will naturally become swollen. Added to its fragility, the lips is subjected to constant movement such as eating, drinking, smoking and smiling, making swollen lips much worse. It can be very embarrassing to have these swollen lips when you get out of your house, not to mention the pain it comes with it.

There are different causes to swollen lips. Most cases are due to an injury or some kind like an insect bite or a punch. There are also harsh conditions with the weather, infections, allergies and very low levels of moisture, too. It is not a serious problem, though, since it can be solved by trying out one of the simple home remedies that are listed below. But when these remedies still don’t work, it is best you seek medical attention.

How You Can Relieve Swollen Lips Naturally

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Warm Compress

Isn’t this quite simple? All you need is a container of hot water and a clean cloth. Warm compress is an ideal home remedy to treat your swollen lips. Using this remedy will help avoid cases of cut and cracks over your lips. Dip the clean cloth on the hot water, squeeze the hot water out and keep it on top of the lips. You can also make use of the electric iron. Just iron the clean cloth and put on top of the lips. Do this method for two minutes thrice per day to bring back your usual lips again.

Ice Compress

If you find your lips getting puffy for some reason, prepare an ice compress. You may not believe it, but using ice compress is one of the best remedies on treating swollen lips that are due to insect bites, lip piercing or injuries. Just use a soft washcloth, wrap it around an ice pack and move it slowly over the lips. You can also make use of the spoon for this kind of treatment. Do this treatment for at least ten minutes. Never apply the lips directly on the lips. The skin of the lips are quite sensitive and if you apply the ice directly, you will have to face another case of frost bite.

Aloe Vera

The gel of the aloe vera contains antioxidants, tannins and antiseptic properties. It is perfect for swollen lips, too. You can use the gel of the aloe leaf with cucumber and put it on your lips. You can also make use of the gel alone, too. Mixing aloe vera gel and cucumber increases the anti-inflammatory properties, thus making it very ideal in treating swollen lips. You will need to cover up your lips with the gel for five minutes and wash it up. Repeat this process for two times a day and you will notice the changes overnight.

Black Tea

This is a kind of organic treatment used widely in repairing the skin cells and also give you aid in the case that your lips gets swollen. Prepare warm water, put in the tea bag and let it sit there for a couple of minutes. In the case that only the black tea is available without the bags, try making bundles of this tea with the use of a cloth. Before you apply black tea, squeeze the bags gently to get rid of excess water and put it on top of the lips. This will provide relief to your lips quickly and soothe it gently.

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