Black Seed Oil Uses & Benefits

Many people these days are interested in the benefits that they can get from the nigella Sativa plant. The most popular idea now is to use the oil that is extracted from its seeds. Also referred to as black cumin, these black seeds are known for their oil that is rich in nutrients. It has been used for more than a hundred years in South Asia as well as in the Middle East. It is known to be a natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments.

Black Seed Oil Uses & Benefits

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Benefits of Black Seed Oil

A number of studies that have been performed over the years have shown how the oil is an effective antibacterial and anti-oxidant. It has been noted to be an anti-inflammatory solution as well. Due to this, it has often been used in many applications where it is poised to help fight infections as well as help strengthen the overall immune system. It is considered to be a very suitable solution or such conditions as toothaches headaches, flu and colds, nasal congestion, skin problems, hair issues, gastrointestinal and digestive problems, diabetes, as well as allergies.

The oil has also been noted to have properties that allow it to promote menstruation. It is also found to have a positive effect on milk production, allowing it to in erase in the process. It is often used to treat most ailments where a daily intake of one teaspoon is recommended for great results. It is possible, to get the oil mixed in cold drinks or in warm water. It is also possible to have it added to foods right before eating them to get its benefits. It may also be used topically as a rubbing oil especially along the chest area to help with respiratory issues.

Many Uses of Black Oil

There are a number of documented uses of the oil. The applications are varied so. It does help to get a good idea of the more common uses of the oil. This way, if you decide to start using it, you know exactly what applications it would be most suitable to be used for.

It is a good choice for curing allergies. The oil can act as antihistamine this means that is can help reduce the usual symptoms of allergies as in the case of sneezing and having watery eyes. Taking half a teaspoon of the oil two times a day whenever symptoms of the allergy appear is guaranteed to help get the condition alleviated soon enough.

The oil is also used to help treat fever and flu. It has been known to help reduce fever thanks to its ability to induce perspiration in a person. This is a good way to help cool the body down and to help get the toxins released in the process. To get these results, one needs to take one teaspoon of the oil just once every day. Make sure that you are drinking a lot of fluids all throughout the day as well to ensure that you stay hydrated the entire time.

Many people have also experienced using the oil to help treat their carbuncles and their boils. The oil has anti-fungal properties. This has an active component that is known as Thymoquinone that is helpful in strengthening the immune system. At the same time, it allows for common infections on the skin such as boils to get cured as well. For this to happen, one just needs to take half a teaspoon every day, twice a day. Taking the oil with beverages cold or hot is fine as well.

The oil is also known for its properties toward relieving cold and asthma. It happens to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is able to help treat the symptoms brought about by cold and asthma by getting the bronchial muscles to be relaxed. Mixing a teaspoon of the oil with boiling water and then inhaling the vapor two times a day is a good remedy for asthma. For those experiencing dry coughs, a teaspoon of the oil mixed with ginger tea, drunk twice a day is going to be a good idea.

There are more benefits and uses that the oil is used for. So you will be delighted to know that having some in your stash is actually quite handy. You will be relieved to know too that using the oil does not harbor any side effect. Thus, making it a safe choice for alternative medicine and healing.

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