Best Remedies for Hair Loss

While there are many ways to maintain beautiful hair, a common problem that people have to deal with is hair loss. There are many factors that can result in hair loss. They include stress, environmental issues, smoking, aging, hormone imbalances, scalp infections, genes, nutritional deficiencies, hair products, iron deficiency, and various other issues.

Keep in mind that an average number of hair strands is 100,000. In fact, it’s common to lose 50 or 100 strands of hair every day. However, losing more than that can become a problem and can even result in bald spots. The good news is that there are many home remedies that can effectively treat hair loss and at an affordable cost.

Hair Loss

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Yogurt Shouldn’t be Greek to Hair Loss

Greek yogurt is a natural treatment for conditioning hair. It contains proteins and Vitamin B5 that can be very helpful for hair. Meanwhile, honey added includes anti-bacterial features that protect locks from damage. Greek yogurt in particular contains something called probiotics, which can make hair grow.

This treatment requires 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 lemon. First, put 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt into a bowl. The honey and lemon (juice) should also be added. Then mix the ingredients completely in order to form a paste. Next, use a hair dye brush to add this paste to the hair roots and scalp. Let it set for around 30 minutes. Then use cold water to rinse out the mixture completely.

You should apply this remedy about one time per week. However, if you have dry hair then you could add it two times per week.

A Remedy That Cannot Be Beet

Beetroot is another home remedy you can use to treat hair loss. It contains many nutrients required for healthy hair including Vitamin B/C, protein, and potassium. For this remedy you’ll need a couple beetroot leaves and 1 tablespoon of henna.

The first step is to boil beetroot leaves in some water until the water level drops to 50% of its original height. Then grin up the leaves before adding the henna. Create a paste then add it to your hair’s scalp. Let it set for around 20 minutes then use water to rinse it out. You should follow this method three times per week.

Onion Juice: for Hair, Not Thirst

Onion juice is an excellent remedy for treating hair loss. That’s because it can reduce bacteria that results in scalp infections. It’s also high in sulfur, which boost blood circulation to the follicles of hair and promote hair growth.

This procedure involves 1 onion and one cotton ball. First, grate up the onion herb then remove juice. Dip the ball of cotton into the juice, then put it directly onto your scalp. Make sure that the strands are completely covered. Let it sit for around half an hour. Then use cold water to rinse out the mixture. Finally, shampoo as you normally do.

The Remedy with Two Names

Neem is also known as Indian Lilac, and can be used to help treat hair loss. For this remedy you should collect 10-12 neem leaves (dry) and a container with water. The first step is to boil the leaves in water until the water level in the container is reduced by 50%. Then wait for the blend to cool down. Finally, use this mixture to rinse your hair. This remedy can be used as a rinse after you’re done shampooing your locks. The ideal frequency to use this remedy is one time per week.

This is an effective treatment due to the anti-bacteria properties in neem. This will help to rid your scalp of dandruff and promote the growth of hair. It also helps to increase the skin’s blood flow, which provides nutrients to the hair roots.

Awesome Aloe Vera

Aloe vera (leaf/stalk) can be an effective way of treating hair loss. It’s important in making sure your hair/scalp have balanced pH levels. It goes deep into the hair and scalp, which helps to promote hair growth.

First, remove pulp from aloe vera plant’s leaf/stalk. Then rub it into your hair. Make sure that the hair has been washed before this process. Then use circular motions to massage the plant’s pulp into your head’s scalp. Let it set for around 15 minutes, then use cold water to rinse it out. Make sure to follow this process three times per week. The best times are in the morning after shampooing your hair.

Two Names Better than One 

Indian gooseberry is also known as amla. Amla is very high in Vitamin C, which is an important nutrient for hair growth and strong hair. It also helps to increase collagen, which is needed for growing hair. Amla can also help to soak up iron, which keeps hair strong/healthy. In addition, amla can keep hair from becoming gray prematurely.

For this remedy you’ll need 4 or 5 Indian gooseberries, as well as 1 cup coconut oil (virgin). First, boil Indian gooseberries (dried) in the coconut oil until the oil becomes black. Then wait for it to cool down. Next, use the oil to massage your scalp. Let it set for around 20 minutes. Then shampoo your hair as you usually do.

Find Some Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are another remedy you can use to treat hair fall. This is an effective treatment because the seeds can promote hair growth and also help the hair follicles to rebuild. Besides that, the seeds can also make hair strong, long, and shiny.

The remedy just requires 1 cup of fenugreek seeds. First, soak the seeds in water for an evening. In the morning grind up the seeds in order to form a paste. Make sure that the paste is completely ground up and can be spread. Add the paste to your hair, starting from the root and working up to the tip. Then cover your hair using a shower cap. Let it set for around 40 minutes. Finally, use cold water to rinse out your hair.  This treatment can be added one time or two times per month.

Hair loss can be tough to deal with. The good news is the above-mentioned remedies can help to treat it effectively.

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