Best Home Remedies for Home Remedies

While there are many skin issues that you might have to deal with in life, one of the toughest ones is sunburns. The results are quite visible and can vary in different shades of red. This can definitely be a major issue in terms of your skin’s health. However, another important issue is that not only can it result in red and flaky skin, but it can also be quite painful.

It’s important to let the skin heal itself naturally, which will help your skin return to its pre-sunburn appearance. Then you can focus on maintaining healthy skin. However, dealing with the symptoms of your sunburn also has an indirect effect on the appearance because it means it will be healthier faster.

Best Home Remedies for Home Remedies

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H2O to Put out the Fire

Water is often a way to cool down many hot situations, and a sunburn is no exception. It goes without saying that a sunburn is a burn, but it’s important to think about it that way when using various home remedies. A with other types of burns, it not only causes heat but also drying out of skin. Besides that your skin is already low on water. This highlights the need to keep drinking ice-cold water constantly so you keep providing your body with enough H2O. This will help to treat your damaged skin effectively.

Basics for Battling Burns

You probably already have cornstarch and baking soda in your kitchen. These items can be quite effective in treating sunburns. Cornstarch has a cool and smooth texture, making it an effective way to treat sunburns. It’s like milk and other home remedies that you probably already have in your home whether or not you need sunburn relief.

If you don’t have cornstarch in your home, you could use baking soda instead. Both of the ingredients can help to reduce the pain of a sunburn and reduce the redness, which will make the burn less noticeable and your skin healthier.

This remedy requires baking soda or cornstarch and some cool water. The amount of cornstarch/baking soda you need is based on how large of an area you need to cover. Just add some cool (not cold) water until it’s become a paste. Add the paste gently atop your burn and let it set until the eat/pain has reduced. Then rinse it totally.

Another Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a useful plant for several home remedies and for treating various medical conditions. It’s also helpful for people with sunburns. The reason is it provides a cool and soothing relief. It also seems to help with the redness caused by the sunburn.

For this home remedy you’ll need 1 aloe very plant with leaves (thick/juice), or enough commercial gel to cover up the burn. If you’re using the aloe vera plant, slice many big leaves in the middle, but don’t cut totally through. Then lay them flat on your burn. You could also squeeze out the gel. When using commercial gel, add it to the sunburn.

Tea Time (with Mint)

You might be surprised that mint and tea can help to treat sunburns. Mint is a natural ingredient for cooling skin and soothing what it contacts. That includes sunburns. Meanwhile, the theobromine and tannic acid contained in green tea helps to reduce pain and health skin that’s been damaged when the tea is added to it.

This treatment requires 1 quart boiling water, 5 tea bags (green tea), 3 cups fresh mint leaves, and cotton pads/soft cloth. First, boil 1 quart water. Remove the tea’s strings/tags from the tea bags, then add them and 3 cups mint leaves (fresH0 into the pan. Then pour the boiling water atop the mint leaves/tea bags. Cover it with a lid, allowing it to set about one hour. Strain the mixture then let it chill.

After it’s chilled completely use a cloth (soft/clean) or cotton pads to soak inside the liquid. Then place it on the burn. Another option is pour it atop the burn if you’d like to. In the case you don’t have green tea you could use black tea instead.

Cold Milk: for More than Cookies

Milk can be used to make a cool milk compress. It’s a quick, easy and low-cost method for treating sunburns. It’s very easy to treat sunburns easily by using milk. The milk’s coolness will help the sunburn to heal, while forming a layer of protein to safeguard the skin, allow it to heal, and provide soothing relief for discomfort.

This home remedy requires a gauze or washcloth (clean/soft), and some chilled milk. First pour enough milk in a bowl you can soak the compress inside it. After the washcloth/gauze is soaked, drain off the extra liquid. Then place it over your sunburn. Press a little so it stays there. Leave the gauze or sunburn on the sunburn until it provides relief. If the milk inside the bowl gets to room temperature make sure to chill it prior to dipping the compress in the mixture again.

One Potato, Two Potato

Two potatoes can be used to make a paste in order to treat red sunburned skin. It’s effective because potatoes can function as a pain reliever, and help to reduce inflammation There’s some debate about whether the juice or slices work best, but either one can be helpful.

This remedy requires 2 potatoes and cotton balls. First clean the potatoes then grate or cut them. Removing the peels isn’t necessary. You can always add a little water if the paste made by the potatoes is too dry. Soak cotton balls in the past you’ve made, then add it to the sunburn. Another method is to soak gauze then place it on the burn.

When using a grater, grind up the potatoes while they’re over a bowl. Then add the pulp to the sunburn, and include as much juice as you can. Another option is to add potato slices on top of the burn.

These are some of the most effective ways to treat sunburns naturally using home remedies. If you get burned, you can cool down literally by using them.

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