Best Home Remedies for Hair Dyes

Do you want to change your hair color? Maybe you want to experiment with different hues besides your natural hair color, or want to cover up some premature grey strands. There are many reasons people decide to add dye to their hair. In some cases they just want to spice up how their locks look, and in other situations their hair has lost pigmentation for various reasons such as aging, hair treatments, or illnesses, and they want to add color back to their hair.

There are tons of hair dye products on the market. However, the problem is that many of them can be quite expensive due to the manmade ingredients they contain. Besides that, they can also result in hair damage due the powerful ingredients. That’s why you should definitely consider DIY hair dyes since they’re made with ingredients you can find around your home and that tend to have fewer side-effects.

Best Home Remedies for Hair Dyes

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Drinking to Colored Hair 

While there are many different ingredients you can use for dying your hair, you might be surprised that tea can be an effective one. Technically, it requires chamomile tea and ½ cup herbs for every 2 cups of water.

Here’s what to do. You can spray or pour it onto your hair, then let it set for many hours. If you want the lightening effect to be better you should so sit in the sun during this time. This is a basic recipe that includes 100% natural ingredients and can provide some excellent results if you want to color your hair.

Herbs Help Red Hair

If you want to bring back your naturally red hair or change your hair to a red color, you should consider this recipe that includes herbs. It adds a touch of red to light hair, and make darker hair have a hint of auburn. Keep in mind that the more often you use this dye, the brighter red your hair will become. If you want to have continuous red hair you should make it part of your everyday haircare routine.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

2 cups water

½ cup calendula flowers/marigold petals (fresh)

2 tablespoons/hibiscus petals

Here’s what you do. First, boil the water then simmer with the calendula or marigold as well as hibiscus for 30 minutes or more. Then strain off the various flowers before storing it in a refrigerator. You should use this mixture as a last hair rinse when you’re done each shower. If possible dry your hair in the sun. Repeat this procedure every day until you get the shade you want, then every couple of days to maintain it.

Light Hair Recipe

This recipe is for people who have light hair. You’ll need:

½ cup of lemon juice (fresh)

2 cups chamomile tea

½ cup calendula tea

The first step is mix up all the ingredients in a small bottle such as a spray bottle. Make sure to shake it up well before you use it each time. Then spray/pour the mixture onto your hair and use a brush so it’s distributed evenly. The best time to add it is before sun exposure, and should be left in your strands for 1 or 2 hours before you rinse it out.

This treatment can be used many times per week until you get the exact hue you want. The best method is to put it in your hair then go outside to do some exercise or other outdoor activity, in order to get the best results.

This blend can also be used as a rinse after a shower, then using water for a light rinse. Keep in mind that this won’t provide a dramatic effect, but if you put it into your hair before spending time outdoors, you can notice a big difference.

Henna: Not Just for Tattoos

Henna is famous for being used as a tattoo, but can also be effective in coloring hair. Not only can it darken hair but also make it stronger and conditioned.

One option is to boil henna leaves in some mustard oil or coconut oil. Keep doing that until the leaves are a little burned. Then add this oil mixture to your hair.

Another option is grind up one handful of henna leaves in order to make a paste. Then add 3 teaspoons Indian gooseberry powder, 1 teaspoon coffee powder, and a small amount of yogurt (plain). Put it evenly onto your hair. After it has dried, rinse everything out. Then shampoo your hair as you normally do. Make sure to repeat this procedure one time every 2-4 weeks.

Yet another option is to make a hair mask out of henna. Mix some black coffee (hot) as well as henna (powder) until it has the consistency of yogurt. What’s next? Cover up the bowl, then allow it to set for a couple hours. Add this mixture to your hair, and let it set for 1-3 hours. Finally, shampoo your hair as you normally do.

Dark Hair Remedies

If you have naturally dark hair or want to darken your light hair, there are various herbs you can use. There are different ones that are effective, and you even use a combination of different herbs. It’s important to test the coloring on a small area of your hair before you color your entire head.

If you want very dark strands, put ¼ cup Black Walnut Powder into a cheesecloth or tea bag, and then steep it in 3 cups water in mason jar (quart) for a minimum of 6 hours or all night. Use this mixture as a rinse while in the shower for your strands, and when possible let it dry in the sun. This will produce very dark hair, and particularly if you have hair that’s dry or color-treated. It can also help to provide the best coverage for people with grey hair. Follow this procedure every day or when you need it to darken your hair and sustain the dark hue.

If you want to dye your hair so it’s a brand new color, or bring back your natural hair color, you could spend a ton of money on commercial products with strong chemicals that could damage your hair. But why would you? As an alternative, the above-mentioned home remedies can help to treat your hair safely and effectively, which is likely the situation you want.

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