Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

One of the most associated uses for essential oils is to help combat anxiety, stress, and depression. The effects of these can be overwhelming to anyone. Whether through topical application or the use of a diffuser, essential oils work wonders for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Scent Association

When choosing an essential oil for anxiety you must look for those scents that you find most pleasing. It will not do any good if you are not attracted to the scent of the essential oil you choose. There are several essential oils that help lift mood and relive anxiety, so there is a perfect oil for you. Some of the most effective essential oils are Bergamot, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Wild Orange, and Rose; to name a few.

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

What Do They Do?

You have found a scent you like; now how does it work? Bergamot is refreshing and will uplift your mood considerably. It works to dispel sadness and anxiety; leaving you with a sense of calm. Clary Sage works to combat insomnia and associated anxiety and depression. This is definitely a good choice for diffusers. Frankincense helps to slow down breathing, thus relieving anxiety and depression. It will leave you feeling cleansed and ready to move through your day with a calm collected spirit. Geranium is a natural sedative; this will relieve stress and anxiety; another great idea for those who have trouble sleeping and choose to use a diffuser.  Jasmine induces relaxation with its sweet floral scent; this essential oil is great for aromatherapy and is often utilized in that way. Lemon is another uplifting essential oil, it will leave you feeling refreshed. It has some other amazing properties, such as immune system boosting, which adds to the overall relief of anxiety. Mandarin is another spirit booster, with its amazing citrus scent anxiety and depression is soon forgotten. Wild Orange is not only uplifting; it works wonders on anger and irritation. Adding Wild Orange to your aromatherapy routine after a frustrating day will have you calm and peaceful again in no time. Rose stimulates the entire nervous system, creating a sense of overall wellbeing. This is a create choice for combination with other essential oils.

Creating a Anxiety Busting Miracle

There are several ways to utilize these essential oils to rid yourself and your family of anxiety. These oils can be combined with organic carrier oils to create body butter that will sooth away your anxiety and give your skin a healthy glow at the same time. The best carrier oils in this instance would be coconut and/or almond oil. These can be found in most local grocery stores and are pretty cost effective. Diffusers are also a great choice. Diffusers are very cost effective and energy efficient; this is a good way to get all the healing benefits of the essential oil, with no effort. Placing a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a carrier oil and placing that into an inexpensive roll-on vial (these can be purchased inexpensively at many craft stores) is perfect for on the go relief. You can also create anxiety relieving foot and bath soaks by combining essential oil, carrier oil, and sea salt (for a foot soak) and adding them to a bath or sitting and relaxing the anxiety away, while your feet reap the added benefit of detoxification. So, whether you want the simple straightforward approach of applying to a diffuser and forgetting about it, or you want to be adventurous and create your own special blend or treatment; essential oils are a gateway to anxiety free living.

The Purpose of Essential Oil

The Purpose

The purpose of introducing essential oils into your life when you suffer from anxiety or depression is to help you achieve a healthy well balanced life. Not every case of depression can be banished with essential oils alone, but they can bring a substantial amount of relief and aid you in your journey. General anxiety and stress will become a thing forgotten once you get on a path of healthy living. We most often neglect ourselves when life gets busy; something as simple to use as essential oils can bring you back to what is most important; mental and physical health.


We hope that you have a little more understanding of all the possible benefits of essential oils. The best part is, there are no harmful side effects! Essential oils do not introduce anything to your body that should not be there. There are no chemical compounds for your body to fight against. They are truly a gift from nature that can and will relieve your anxiety. By following expert advice you will find the right way to introduce them to your family and reap truly wonderful rewards.


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