Hello, my name is Jennifer and my passions for essential oils come from my beginning. My earliest memories (and some of my fondest) stem from time I spent with my father. He was an avid gardener and passed down his passion for all things flora to me. His life’s work produced flower gardens that rival the most elaborate you can imagine. I remember morning walks, scented by dew heavy roses; afternoons spent weeding young beds, and heady evenings ripe with a myriad of scents. My favorite was always early mornings, sometimes misting with rain. Young buds would open to soak it all in, and my father and I would select the best specimens for transplanting or collect seeds. This is where I learned to be meticulous; a trait that has served me well in life.

During our hours together he not only passed down his knowledge of the plants themselves but also their importance to humanity. He ingrained in me work ethic, a love for physical labor, and a compassion for the green things that live around us.  He taught me that a single plant could do so many things to cure or aid healing for many people. I was fascinated. He allowed me to ask questions, express my curiosity, and basically to fall in love myself.

Today, in my own gardens, I mirror his techniques. I enjoy the physical effort of my work, and I linger fondly over the memories of days spent with him. Every time a new addition breaks through the soil and its’ green shoots reach ever upward; I cannot help but smile at the high fives we used to share. Our passion is shared, yet I branched out into something uniquely my own. I fell in love with the idea of taking a plant and extracting the essential oils from it; and bringing its’ healing benefits to many. I often wonder if my father predicted this path for me. My questions always seemed to be based on the idea of essential oils. My father was my companion through many experiments.

It has become my legacy; as gardening was my father’s to me. I am forever encouraged by the curiosity of those new to the world of essential oils and the healing and all over well-being they provide. I have spent hours engaged in the kind of conversations I had with my father, with complete strangers, guiding them to the right choices to meet their needs. I have also benefitted from others, who like me, have dedicated years to learning the intricacies of pairing essential oils to create the best combinations to attain a desired outcome.

The heart of it all, of course, is the plant itself; from planting a seed or bulb, sustaining it, nurturing it; so that in turn, it can nurture mankind. To me it is a delicate balance, a dance that from beginning to end is filled with life and beauty. This is what drives me; my passion. Watching the cycle of life and doing my part to bring humanity and nature closer together.

I am here to help you too; to bring clarity, understanding, and to help you find the perfect diffuser and essential oil combinations for your environment. Ask me anything and I will point you in the right direction, provide insight, or just educate you a little on the topic of essential oils and diffusers.

Words that have stuck with me forever: no man is an island unto himself; he is most at peace when he is one with himself and his environment. That statement is so true! To me, the introduction of essential oils into your home is a way to be closer to nature and promote health and well-being from within.