6 Smart Ways to use the Essential Oil at Home

It is only a given that you learn more about the uses of essential oil. Generally, you will be using the said essential oil to be able to soothe your stress and tension. It is a perfect choice of substance if you want to enjoy an aromatherapy tension. You can even use it at home as long as you have your very own diffuser.
However, do not think that you can only use the essential oil for aromatherapy. There are still a lot of uses that can be enjoyed when you have an essential oil at your disposal. These essential oil can even be a perfect tool for home use. Here are some of the smart ways on how you can use essential oil aside from using it with your difuser.

 Essential Oil at Home

1. Natural Carpet Deodorizer

It is possible to make your carpet deodorizer smelling clean with the essential oil. All you have to do is combine a cup of baking soda with five to six drops of essential oil. The perfect choices to have as natural carpet deodorizer are the essential oils orange and lavender. Make sure that the baking soda and essential oil are mixed really well. You can then add the said mixture to a shaker. You can use that to sprinkle the mixture all over the carpet. Let the mixture sit on the carpet for 15 minutes. The baking soda is what absorbs the bad smell of your carpet while the essential oil is what deodorizes it. You can then vacuum the carpet as usual.

2. Plug-In Air Freshener Refill

Most of the air fresheners these days are plug-in. There is no need to throw them out anymore when they are empty. You can easily refill them and reuse. You just have to pry the wick out using a sharp knife. The reservoir should then be filled halfway with the essential oil you wish to use. Pour in filtered water until the reservoir is full. Shake well to mix the liquids. You can then replace the plug-in’s wick and use it as usual. You can use the essential oil to freshen the air. It will not only save you money as you do not have to pay for the purchase of a refill but it is also a healthier option. This natural alternative only uses original ingredients too.

3. Homemade Fabric Freshener

You now have a good alternative to commercial fabric freshener – all thanks to the essential oil. You simply have to make your own. To make a homemade fabric freshener, then you have to mix one tablespoon of baking soda and ten drops of essential oil. Transfer the well-mixed substance into the spray bottle and then add in two cups of water. Shake the mixture gently before spraying. Use the essential oil with the scent you like and you will get the perfect homemade fabric freshener.

4. Mold Killer

Killing mold is possible with the essential oil as well. You simply have to get yourself a bottle of tea tree oil. Spray a mixture of one teaspoon tea tree and one cup water into little crevices and cracks in the tub or shower area. After spraying, let it dry for a while. Never wipe off the sprayed mixture.

5. Mouse Repellants

It is a well-known fact that mice do not like peppermint. That fact can be used to the homeowner’s advantage then. You simply have to mix two teaspoon of peppermint and one cup of water. Transfer this into the spray bottle. You can spray the mixture at places where you see mouse droppings. With the peppermint substance inside the mixture, you can keep the mouse at bay. No need to worry about its toxicity too as this is a natural and safer alternative for killing rodents.

6. Furniture Dusting Spray

The furniture will accumulate dust after some time. You do not need to buy and use an aerosol spray for removing the dust from the furniture. All you have to do is make your very own furniture dusting spray. Just mix half teaspoon of lemon oil, two teaspoons of olive oil, quarter cup of vinegar, and one a three-quarters cup of filtered water. Transfer to a spray bottle and mix well. Start spraying on your furniture to dust it. You can save money this way. It is also a healthier substitute to the commercial chemical.

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