10 Perfect Essential Oil Recipes to Use in Your Diffuser During Fall

The essential oil is a perfect solution to use with your diffuser when the fall season is right around the corner. You want to feel comfortable during the fall season so using the diffuser so you should make sure to prepare the best recipe for it. With the right recipe, you can use the essential oil in the diffuser to help with health issues like respiratory problems, blood impurity, and skin infections. There are even times when it can help as an antidepressant and sedative.

The recipe for the essential oil blends you can use in the diffuser should not be that difficult to make. It just takes several drops of specific essential oils, after all. You just need to know what these essential oils are and how much of them should be used. Here are some easy-to-make recipe that you should be able to use with your diffuser when you want to get through the fall season cozily.

Essential Oil Recipe

Recipe #1: Pumpkin Pie

During the fall season, pumpkins are ready for harvest. Popular cuisine during the fall season is the pumpkin pie. If you cannot help but crave for the pumpkin pie scent and make the home filled with inviting warm scent, then you need the Pumpkin Pie recipe. Here are the ingredients that you have to mix together: one drop of clove, one drop of nutmeg, and five drops of cinnamon.

Recipe #2: Spiced Cider

The fall season is also the time for spiced cider. Even cinnamon doughnuts are perfect for the season. Since that is the case, then you might want to consider bringing the delicious scent of cinnamon doughnut and spiced cider into your home. To do that, use your diffuser and essential oil blend with the following ingredients: three drops of ginger, three drops of cinnamon, and four drops of wild orange.

Recipe #3: Fall Woodland

You can actually recreate the fall woodland scent. If you miss strolling in the woodland during the fall season, then you can bring that naturally grounding aroma into your home. You simply have to add the following ingredients together: one drop of cedarwood, two drops of white fir, and three drops of Frankincense.

Recipe #4: Spicy Chai

Chai is the perfect drink for cooler months. The sales of chai drinks significantly rise during the fall season. If you want to relax while smelling the aroma of chait, then you have to add several essential oils for it. Here are the ingredients worth mixing together to achieve a spicy chai scent: three drops of cassia, two drops of ginger, and three drops of clove.

Recipe #5: Giving Thanks

During the fall season, it is common for grandmothers or parents to bake delicious treats for the children. You can fill the home with the same baked scent. You do not even need an oven for it. The ingredients that you have to add together are as follows: two drops of cinnamon, two drops of clove, three drops of coriander, and one drop of ginger.

Recipe #6: Fall Spice

It is a perfect essential oil blend to diffuse during the evening. It helps calm the mind and the body, after all. The ingredients for this particular recipe are as follows: two drops of Frankincense, two drops of cedarwood, two drops of ginger, three drops of wild orange, and two drops of clove.

Recipe #7: Citrus Forest

If you want a clean scent in the air as you are diffusing your essential oil, then you have to use the Citrus Forest recipe. It helps brighten not only the air but the atmosphere of the house too. To blend the said recipe you will need the following: one drop of white fir, one drop of wild orange, two drops of lemon, two drops of lime, and one drop of Bergamont.

Recipe #8: Perfect Refresh

The said recipe is good if you have guests coming. You can instantly clean and refresh the air with this recipe. It represents the freshly fall season, after all. If you want to use the said recipe when someone is coming over, then here are the ingredients you have to mix to get the said recipe for your diffuser: four drops of wild orange, three drops of clove, two drops of lemon, and three drops of cinnamon.

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