10 Must-Try Recipes for Using Essential Oil with a Diffuser

People oftentimes use essential oils with their diffuser as an aromatherapy option. It helps them relax and provides them with a way to relieve the body of stress and tension. Using the essential oil for aromatherapy is a good habit to develop. You can use it to relax at home, after you have arrived from work. You can also take advantage of this before you attend a stressful meeting, after a challenging project, and so much more.

If you have a diffuser, then using the essential oil in aromatherapy should not be that difficult. You just have to pick out a good-smelling recipe that you can use for the aromatherapy session. To great a great scent for your home, here are some of the must-try recipes using essential oil for your aromatherapy session.

Essential Oil with a Diffuser

#1: Summer Time

This is the recipe that can help you cleanse and refresh your space. The summer time recipe is a simple one to have. You simply have to combine three drops of grapefruit, three drops of lavender, two drops of spearmint, and two drops of lemon.

#2: Allergy Relief

If you want to have a healthy immune response against allergy during the summer and spring months, then this should be a recipe you will find handy. If allergy symptoms show up, the blend can also be applied directly to the bottom of the feet. The recipe is made up of three drops of lavender, three drops of lemon, and three drops of peppermint.

#3: Morning Refresher

Another blend is the morning refresher. This is a perfect way to wake you up in the morning. Not only in the morning, you can also use this recipe for your afternoon pick-me-up solution. It significantly increases mental alertness. The recipe requires four drops of wild orange and four drops of peppermint.

#4: Liquid Sunshine

The said blend is a way to cheer up the home. You can use the citrusy blend of the recipe as a refresher. The recipe calls for three drops of grapefruit, three drops of wild orange, two drops of Bergamont, and two drops of lemon.

#5: Citrus Fresh

With this recipe, you can do air purification. You can even make the home smell good, as if you have just cleaned it. The essential oil recipe you can use for this include one to two drops of lemon, wild orange, lime, Bergamont and grapefruit. It is up to you to decide on what ratio to use, depending to what smells good to you.

#6: Head in the Game

This recipe is what you need to use with your diffuser when you have a presentation or a game ahead of you. This recipe is designed to help you focus on the major task ahead. This recipe calls for two drops of cinnamon, one drop of rosemary, and two drops of peppermint.

#7: Germ Buster

The cold and flu season is a good time to use your diffuser. You can use the Germ Buster recipe to fight off the cold and flu as it eliminates the airborne bacteria that causes the said illnesses. To make the blend, you need to mix four drops of Shield, two drops of lemon, and one drop of Melaleuca.

#8: Silent Night

During the night, there are surely a lot of nightly routines you will do. If you want a great blend to diffuse in the house while you are going through your nightly routines, then the sweetest option you have is the Silent Night recipe. This recipe requires you to mix together three drops of wild orange, three drops of lavender, three drops of Roman chamomile.

#9: Headache Relief

When you are suffering from headaches, you can diffuse this particular recipe. Diffusing this blend relieves yo of even the toughest headache you have ever experienced. This blend needs one to two drops of marjoram, peppermint, lavender, thyme, and rosemary.

#10: Wind Down

After a long day of work, you will want to wind down and relax. You want to calm your emotion and your mind. The Wind Down blend recipe allows you to do these things. It promotes relaxation. You will need four drops of lavender, two drops of wild orange, two drops of Cedar wood, and one drop of Ylang Ylang.

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