You have decided to fill your home will the natural aroma from the best essential oil diffuser on the market. The idea of going natural and getting away from “deodorizers” that use chemicals, instead of natural essential oils has become appealing. We agree! Essential oil diffusers have become increasingly popular, with so many benefits and so many choices. Gone are the days of limited access to essential oil diffusers through small companies or direct sales; you can find them quickly on numerous online sites. We have delved into the world of diffusers, and these are the ones that made our list of the best essential oil diffusers on the market today. Our experts guide includes essential oil diffuser reviews from industry professionals, types, their best uses, and the benefits of using the best essential oil diffuser for your needs. Let our experience guide you on your journey to a more comfortable and healthy home.

Diffusing the Diffuser

What exactly is an essential oil diffuser? It is so simple, it’s genius. They have existed for centuries really. Historically, they were simple and less than visually appealing; utilized to cleanse a space or provide health benefits for families. Today, however, they range from aesthetically pleasing, to technologically advanced. A diffuser is a “tool” that is utilized to release essential oils into the air; such as those used in aromatherapy. We will dig into the types of diffusers a little later; so you can pick the best essential oil diffuser for your purposes. With our cultural trends leaning more toward natural and chemical free living; diffusers are rising to top of the list for many.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Diffusers versus Humidifiers

There is a vast difference between a diffuser and a humidifier. The most important difference between these two is the fact that a humidifier is used to keep the air moist. Diffusers emit a fine vapor into the air, which allows the essential oil to “cling” or be suspended. Diffusers are made specifically for essential oils; while humidifiers are used with water. While a humidifier requires the heating of water to develop the mist we associate with helping a cold or flu sufferer; diffusers do not all require heat to work. They are referred to as cold diffusers. Both have different goals as well. While a humidifier is designed to help with symptoms from cold, flu, or breathing issues due to dry air; diffusers work to combat problems ahead of time. They can help prevent problems ahead of time, by preventing fungus growth, eliminating bacteria, and generally improving mood and well-being.

What’s the Best Diffuser for You? Unlocking the Mystery

There are four types of oil diffusers on the market today.

Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser ReviewsNebulizing or nebulizer diffusers work by blowing air across the surface of the oil, creating a fine mist or spray. The essential oil is drawn up through a tube and the air does the rest of the work, dispersing the oil. Nebulizing diffusers are considered to be ideal for therapeutic purposes; they saturate the air in the most rapid fashion, achieving a quickly calming environment. Nebulizer diffusers do not use heat at all. This means that the essential oil particles are not altered in any way. They do use essential oils at a fast rate, due to the fact that the air is filled quickly by millions of fine droplets. It is smart to set a timer for this type of diffuser, it will prevent overuse of oils, and overwhelming your nose. This is a great choice for a large home or office; economical in that several diffusers are not needed to fill the space with the desired amount of essential oil.

  • Recommended for therapeutic use.
  • Best models offer timing settings to reduce use of essential oils.
Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser ReviewsUltrasonic diffusers also create a fine mist but the creation of the mist is quite different. Ultrasonic diffusers create an ultrasonic vibration, through electrical pulses, to create rapid movement, usually under water. This vibration breaks down essential oils into particles that are then released into the air. Ultrasonic diffusers also require no heat to disperse its mist; thus, keeping the essential oil particles intact and unaltered. This type of diffuser releases more mist but only a small amount of essential oil. This is a perfect choice for someone who wants the benefits of a diffuser but who wants to be cost effective on the purchase of essential oils. It is comparable to a humidifier, in that it does produce a water based vapor. It is great for clearing lungs, works to prevent dry sinus, and can be very calming (some produce a gentle sound akin to water falling). They are great for bedrooms, especially if you like background noise as you sleep.

  • Best models create a soothing sound; perfect for those who require “white noise” to sleep peacefully.
  • Comparable to a humidifier, in that it creates a moisturizing vapor.
Evaporative Essential Oil Diffuser ReviewsEvaporative diffusers are very simple in how they operate; air is blown over a pad saturated in essential oils. The air blows the essential oil elements into the room and once the pad has dried, it is replaced with a new one. These diffusers are recommended more as healthy alternative to chemical based room deodorizers, rather than a holistic aromatherapy. The process, though simple, does not distribute the essential oil in its entirety. Lighter components are distributed, then heavier components, as the pad dries; this does not lend itself well to therapeutic use. It does however; make for an excellent source of inviting fragrance in one’s home. The scent is gentle and lasts much longer than non-essential methods. Evaporative diffusers also use a small amount of essential oil per pad, and pads do not generally require frequent changing. This is perfect for small spaces or to have in multiple locations through your home.

  • The most cost effective and simplistic in design.
  • Less therapeutic in its use, but still beneficial to all over wellbeing and relaxation.
Heat Essential Oil Diffuser ReviewsHeat diffusers do exactly that, they heat the essential oils, causing them to disperse and evaporate at a rapid rate. Heat diffusers that utilize candles for dispersion can be very aesthetically pleasing. They will rapidly fill any space with their aromas. They are generally not used for therapeutic purposes, as the essential oil particles are broken down due to the introduction of heat. This type of diffuser is best in small spaces; which can make for a beautiful addition to small intimate events. They do create a pleasant ambiance. They do “burn” through essential oils quickly but make up for that in the pleasant addition they can make to your home’s décor. They can be found in several varieties and sizes.

  • Not therapeutic in nature but can add significantly to the ambience of your home.
  • Comes in a variety of designs and sizes.

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers on the Market

1. URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER® 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a second generation version that really does what it says! It is pleasantly designed, provides a large amount of mist, is perfect for travel. If you have a difficult time relaxing in a hotel room, this is perfect. It is sleek and compact, which makes it perfect for transport. This model is very efficient on the use of essential oils. Our experts were pleasantly surprised and impressed with this model. We recommend it for therapeutic use, for anyone who suffers from sinus issues due to air dryness, and for those who just love walking into a fresh clean scent. This model comes with seven changing lamps, great for those who like to change it up a little. The programmable on/off feature ensures that you will conserve essential oils and your nose will not become overwhelmed! When it comes to evaporative diffusers, this one is top of the class; perfect for offices, homes, and travel… Read full review here!
2. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear® 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Portable

This portable option made us think of one thing. Kids! This model is great for its size and its light features. They can be set to brighten and fade, set to a constant dimness to be used as a night light, and there are 7 colors to choose from. Not only will your child be benefiting from the overall health benefits of a diffuser, they will have a built in night light. There are 3 mode options here, intermittent, continuous, or lights only. This diffuser is very quiet; great for those easily disturbed by noise. It is economical as well on the use of oils and easily cleaned… Read full review here!
3. Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy
This top of the line version allows you adjust the amount of mist that is released into a room. Three different settings make it easy for you to decide just how much vapor you want. We call that a definite plus! It makes for easy use in multiple sized rooms. It also has 7 LED lights that can be used to change the ambience of any space. We like that it can be used to sooth a child to sleep, or utilized in an office space and fit into the environment by simply changing the color! Lights can be set to bright or dim, making it inconspicuous; great for use in a yoga studio. It has a sensor that shuts off automatically when it runs out of water, another bonus… Read full review here!
4. PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser - Compact Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

This diffuser is made for small spaces. It is perfect for travel! It also is an ionizer, if you are sensitive to smells, this guy is for you. Get rid of stale odors in your hotel room or office. The humidifying benefits combined with the ionizing benefits make it a winner in our book. It has optional LED lights, so use them as you want. Great for a child’s room, especially a baby due to the fact it is so quiet. It produces a large amount of vapor for its’ size, another bonus… Read full review here!
5. Deneve Essential Oil Diffuser Riverock

Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve® - Riverock - Oil Diffuser

This model is uniquely designed and very portable. We love that it does the job very well and that the novel design is very attractive. It is perfect for those occasions when you want the benefits without hours of use. The water capacity is for 4-5 hours; perfect for getting you to sleep. It was engineered to produce the sound of a babbling brook; perfect for meditation or producing “white noise”. It is easy to cycle through modes, use the ambient light feature, and best of all it is easy to clean. Another great option for travel use, and economical on the use of essential oils; this is perfect for those who love modern design as well… Read full review here!
6. Innoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser, 3rd Version Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier Aromatherapy

This 3rd version is bigger and better! This product is perfect for large spaces. It produces large volumes of high quality mist, rapidly producing a therapeutic environment. This version is perfect for large spaces like living rooms and large office spaces. The new fan technology is superior to many we tested on the market currently. Essential oil dispersion was instantly noticeable; and the fan is so quiet it is not really noticeable. The 7 color LEDs make for a very soothing environment and lend to the overall quality of this product. It is a top notch choice for anyone looking for a diffuser to help them get through the suffering of dry sinuses, skin, or chapped lips. You can expect a restful night’s sleep with the Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier… Read full review here!
7. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by AromaSoft

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by AromaSoft

This diffuser is definitely quiet. We love it for baby’s room. It is 24 volt and portable. We love that too! It personifies therapeutic qualities in every way. It auto shuts off when water levels get low, so no need to worry whether you shut if off or not. It is the perfect selection for a busy office environment, no complaints about the noise. It also features 2 options for operation, intermittent or continuous. Whether you are working with a large room or a small space, this is a good choice. Its’ size makes for a good travel diffuser, and the easy operation makes it worth taking with you… Read full review here!
8. GreenAir SpaVapor+ Instant Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser

GreenAir SpaVapor+ Instant Wellness 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

This very cost effective option is great for anyone on a budget, who wants something that works really well. This model runs very quietly; great if you like silence while you sleep. They have used a ceramic ring to help prevent corrosion due to the use of essential oil. This does help with the overall life of the product. It has 6 rotating LED lights, which add to the overall ambience. Lights can be switched on or off, giving you the option to use them or not. This one is perfect for smaller rooms and offices. It fills with warm water and requires a minimum use of essential oils… Read full review here!
9. QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This is another higher end option but it made our list for the versatility and all around great design options. When the water reservoir is filled, it will run for 8-10 hours and auto shut off when water levels are low. This makes for a very energy efficient model. We love that lights can be shut off completely, run at full light mode, or be set to brighten and fade. This feature is mesmerizing, inducing a very peaceful state. This model requires less essential oil than we thought it would for its’ size; another score for the design. It is great for large spaces, such as the living room or large master suites… Read full review here!
10. Botella Essential Oil Diffuser

Botella Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve

This beauty produces 6 hours of use with a full water capacity. It can be used as a night light, without producing any mist. We like that kind of versatility. Great for a child’s room; you can run the mist for a little while, then just shut that part off and it will run as a night light. The quiet bubbling sound it produces is very soothing. Where some diffusers can be a bit aggravating with loud vibrations, this model’s sound is superior. It is actually very well engineered to produce a very soothing noise. A lot of time was taken in the development of this product and it definitely shows… Read full review here!

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser


Not all diffusers are created equal, it’s just a fact. We spent hours researching and testing to find the best essential oil diffusers on the market. We looked for portability, ease of use, functions, noise levels, and shelf life. We want you to be confident in your choice. The essential oils diffuser reviews are based on what we found to be the best products to fit the criteria we wanted. We love testing and trying products to find the best on the market and we think we found them for you! Regardless of your needs, we know you will find the best fit for your needs in the list we provided. We wish you well on your essential oils diffuser journey. We know you will find the benefits you are looking for.

FAQ About Essential Oil Diffusers

FAQ About Essential Oil Diffuser

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Hopefully, the things that are mentioned above have answered your questions about essential oil diffusers.